(1) Verified.



All products labeled    are

free from genetic modification (GM-free).



The integrity of  the Mark  and its value to businesses and consumers is founded on finding out the true genetic quality of the Product.

This starts by providing Product information for verification. 

Verification lays down the basis of the true GM–free quality and is one of the cornerstones safeguarding the consistency and integrity of the quality and of the Mark. 
Verification is made by communicating with the producer of the prospective GM-FREE! Product. As a result, the relevant documents and attested information on the Product, including the GM-free origin and sources of the components and the details of the processing are provided for scrutiny.

This verification encompasses the production chain from the beginning, i.e. from the seeds and fertilization or from the feed and breeding until the packaging of the Product for the prospective labeling  


For primary producers the verification is us usually more simple and straightforward than for the processed products.


(2) Tested.

lays down the second foundation for finding out the true quality of the Product. The testing supplements the Verification. For consistency, these both steps are monitored also at the later Monitoring stage.

Testing means that the Products are screened for finding traces of GMs / GMOs by the laboratories qualified for screening of the GM quality. Only Products having passed the Testing within the strict limits against genetic modification may proceed to the Certification of their GM-free quality and be Approved for labeling   

(3) Certified.


All products labeled    are

free from genetic modification (GM-free).

As soon as the Product has passed the Verification and Testing confirming its sustainable GM-free quality, the Product qualifies for the Certification.

is granted for the Product and it extends to the product line sharing the same facts with the passed Product. Authentic    Certificate can be issued only and exclusively by the Certifying Authority for the   , this Certifying Authority being duly authorized by the Mark holder.

(4) Approved.


License Agreement (ALA) for using the Mark can be concluded for the Certified Products only, i.e. for the Products that possess the true GM-free quality confirmed by the (1) Verification, (2) Testing and (3) Certification.

ALA simply defines the terms of the use, including the definition of the countries/areas for which the Mark is licensed for, as well as the pecuniary sanctions for the breach of the contract, i.e. should any traces of Genetic Modification (GM) be found  deliberate or due to negligence  in the Products labeled. This applies any time on the Monitoring stage following the Approval. Monitoring scheme along with pre-defined sanctions are an essential part of the ALA. 

The License will be agreed with and approved by the GM-Free Authorized Entity (GMFAE) being the Mark holder.


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