GM-free or not?

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What is

This Label is licensed to be used locally and globally for the truly GM-free products, including but not limited to the everyday foodstuff, feed used in the production or for the food processing components. 

- Indicates clearly the non-GM quality to consumers.
- Indicates you can trust this quality, i.e. the non-GM quality is surely in the product (certified, monitored).
- Indicates love for natural food and natural life.

rom the
primary production until the consumers' freedom of choice. On your products, this significant Label tells always the real and authentic story of the natural product to the core, the product possessing the very unique and lasting competitive edge: Genuinely and certified, it's all GM-free!

The Products labeled with this Mark are simply great as they are natural and normal by all their genes and by the corresponding qualities - including the feed used for the livestock.  

can help you

Easy to identify GM-free products
The Mark is very easy to catch and remember.
This quality is the most important quality for our life and the effects (profound to our life) continue from today to the next generation as well.